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Reverend Derek is available for customized, non-denominational/interfaith Weddings, Baptisms, Memorial Services and other Ceremonies of Life Transition including Milestone Birthdates, the Rite of Elder, House Blessings, Promotions, Anniversaries and many others.

Reverend Derek offers the opportunity of awakening spiritually through Spiritual College Courses, both in groups and through correspondence courses. Derek offers a variety of classes and workshops throughout the year based on trust, relationships, self-image transformation and spiritual growth.

Through his experience of counseling, facilitating and personal experience, Derek has developed strong leadership and communication skills. As a counselor and facilitator of courses, groups and workshops, he helps people heal their fears and remember their innocence and the loving truth of Who they are.  

Derek also works with couples, partners, parents/children and siblings who want to improve their relationship through Relationship Enhancement Counseling.