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"Relationship Enhancement" Counseling Relationships come in many forms, such as a spouse
or significant other, parent/child, siblings, co-workers, friends, etc. This course will help you let go of the blocks which interfere with loving relationships and help you learn how to build more positive, productive relationships in your life. The understanding and tools that are offered, can be applied to any relationship in your life. There is always room to strengthen a relationship in support of growth and greater empowerment.

Truth be told, the old way of interacting based on childhood conditioning no longer works!

You will learn tools you can use to help you & your partner achieve proven results: 1) Identify the key areas which need attention in the relationship. 2) Set achievable goals for the kind of relationship you would like to have. 3) Develop effective listening and communication skills. 4) Recognize defensive thoughts which become barriers to love and lead to conflict in the relationship. 5) Dedicate ample time to the relationship to share with & listen to the needs of each other. 6) Become nurturing & supportive to each other in their process of awakening to their true potential. 
The key ingredient to healing our relationships, is understanding that anger, blame, resentment, shame and judgment or any other thought that separates us, comes from fear & guilt and can be undone and healed!
"Accessing Inner Wisdom" Counseling - There are times when you may need personal attention
in a one-on-one setting. The pace needs to be tailored to fit your unique needs.  "Accessing Inner Wisdom" Counseling sets the stage for you to take a look at unconscious “thought clusters” which may be behind the discomfort you are experiencing. This opens the door to let through the knowledge of your Inner Wisdom to help you see the reality surrounding the fear, tension, anxiety or lack of peace. With the help of your Inner Wisdom, your perception is healed. You are able to see clearly again. You are able to break through the self-created barriers and take an important step in your awakening process. In the "Accessing Inner Wisdom" Counseling session, you are helped at your own pace to discover Inner Wisdom in the most loving and accepting way possible. You are guided to tap your inner resources and open your channels of inner communication. In the "Accessing Inner Wisdom" Counseling, the focus is on allowing your Inner Wisdom to enrich your Spiritual Growth & help you heal in a way that is best for you.