Some couples request a simple service, while others have many special needs and desires to work into the Wedding Ceremony. I believe in assisting each couple to create the perfect content for the things they cherish, and together, find meaningful. I view each couple as individuals with unique needs of their own. To provide couples with the necessary information to make an informed decision regarding my services, I have designed my fees to accommodate a wide variety of needs and financial circumstances. My fees are structured to accommodate a broad range of content, from a very simple ceremony to a very elaborate and extensive format.
The initial recommendation I make is to set up an in - person meeting to discuss your wedding ideas and plans, gather information regarding the specifics of the pre-marriage process of planning your ceremony, the wedding day agreements & post wedding responsibilities that I provide. After the initial consultation, when a couple decides to select me for the honor of ceremony preparation & officiating, the process of creating the content of your ceremony begins. By using a simple outline of components that I provide as a resource, the couple begins the process of deciding what they want to include in their ceremony expression. Once the general content is decided, we meet or have conversations by phone or email  to build and structure the format to your one of kind, unique expression. I guide couples through this process, offering suggestions and feedback based upon what you have indicated to me what you desire for your ceremony expression.
 I then provide you with the exact content of the ceremony prior to your wedding date for your review and final approval. On the day of your wedding, I arrive well ahead of the ceremony starting time to make sure that everything is in place prior to your guests’ arrival. I make sure the marriage license is completed properly and submit the related paperwork to the necessary authorities to document and finalize the legal requirements.
It is my deepest hope that you will contact me to set up an appointment to meet in person so that I can provide you with answers to any questions you may have. I am also able to offer ideas and solutions to give you complete confidence that the ceremony and related details will be handled accurately and professionally. It is my deepest joy to serve you in this sacred process of creating and expressing the foundation of your life commitment as you begin this grand journey.
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